Struggle By Choice

SALtoshi Whitepaper #90

Fellow humans,

What’s the first image or thought that comes to mind when you see the word passion? For me, it’s somebody struggling through something by choice. Embracing the suck. The struggle is uncomfortable or painful, yet the person is moving forward in pursuit of the ultimate goal.

Why? Because they want to. That’s passion.

I believe everybody is passionate about something, because everybody cares about something. Could be one thing, could be multiple things. Could be as simple as family or friends. I’m passionate about my faith, family, and bitcoin. Most other things are kind of like whatever.

Passion and sacrifice go hand in hand.

The common factor connecting my passions is a relentless pursuit of the mission. My level of motivation is a non-factor. Not saying I’m some sort of god or champion. I’m just decent at sticking to the script, and consistently doing what needs to be done, regardless of feelings.

Obviously, nobody is perfect. I’ve wanted to accomplish countless things. I’m sure everybody does. Some things have been accomplished, but many things are still sitting on the dusty idea shelf in my imagination. I’m sure I’m not alone.

It’s not too late.

Patience is a huge part of the pursuit. Often times we expect immediate results, and those who have earned anything worthwhile know the truth — nothing good comes easily or quickly. Relentless pursuit of the mission is the only way. Trust the process.

Some examples of the mission:

  • With Christ — the mission might be treating fellow humans with respect, especially when I’m irritated.

  • With family — the mission might be showing up for a family function, especially when I feel like being alone.

  • With bitcoin — the mission might be doing research, especially when I don’t feel like reading.

The lightbulb went off again recently while reading Atomic Habits. A major difference between people who ultimately succeed in their passion(s) versus people who ultimately fail in their passion(s) is the act of struggling by choice. We’re not entitled to anything.

Apparently we have a sweet spot of struggle, referred to as The Goldilocks Rule. The sweet spot is “an optimal zone of difficulty,” which provides just enough difficulty to keep us engaged, but easy enough that we feel confident to overcome. If something is too difficult, we’re typically hopeless. If something is too easy, we’re typically bored.

Before reaching the sweet spot though, we must take the first step, which is likely the first challenge. Maybe we think we need the perfect setup before starting a new mission. For example — people waiting until January 1st to begin their resolution. Seriously, the most ridiculous concept. Name one valid reason (not excuse) why delaying our success is beneficial. I’ll wait…

Congratulations, you played yourself.

Procrastination is one of the underlying problems for all failures:

  • I’ll pursue my passion when I feel motivated, but not now.

  • I’ll eat healthy when I feel like eating healthy, but not now.

  • I’ll exercise when I feel like exercising, but not now.

  • I’ll read the book when I feel like reading, but not now.

  • I’ll become financially responsible when I feel like being responsible, but not now.

  • I’ll try again when I feel better.

Maybe feelings are over-valued in modern society.

I’m not here to belittle anybody. Lord knows I’ve procrastinated and made excuses countless times. I’m here to spread the word — success has a formula. I bet many people are failing because of ignorance, not procrastination. People want to succeed, they just don’t know how. Knowledge is power, right?

Until next time,

Salvatore Norge

P.S. — Thank you Mom and Robbin for participating in the Mandatory Vaccinations discussion.