Bitcoin Scam Season

SALtoshi Whitepaper #85

Fellow humans,

Bitcoin was back above $50K earlier today. Scams are back too. If you’re on social media, you might see a scam before the end of the week. I’m almost certain I’ve seen one this morning. My opinion is that very few people care to help us make money for ourselves. If somebody provides us with an opportunity to make us rich — they’re probably lying, cheating, and stealing.

Market hysteria is coming back quickly, which means the market will be littered with inexperienced “investors” and disgusting scammers. Add the world wide web into the mix, and this is a dangerous combination. Buying bitcoin directly from trusted exchanges is the only thing most of us should be doing to enter the market. Below is a list of some of the most popular and trusted bitcoin exchanges in the United States, all of which I’ve used with no significant issues. I might get paid if you use my referral link, but no hard feelings if you choose not to.

Plenty of other legitimate exchanges to choose from. Plenty of other ways to earn money. No need to be greedy, and give money to a scammer while trying to get rich quick. The whole concept of getting rich quick is similar to playing the lottery and gambling — high hopes and low odds. If making a lot of money were easy, everybody would be rich.

Please tell your friends and family to be aware of scams. Many people are newly interested in bitcoin, and elderly people are generally most vulnerable. We are responsible for protecting each other. I do not trust social media for investment opportunities or advice. Nobody should. Investing in bitcoin can be a safe process, as long as we have the right knowledge and resources.

Below is my first letter about other types of bitcoin scams.

SALtoshi Whitepaper
Bitcoin Scams
Fellow humans, Nobody wants to be scammed into losing money. First of all, scammers don’t deserve our money. Second, scams are usually obvious. Two scams I’ve noticed in the bitcoin industry are send to receive bitcoin and give up your private keys. I’ve witnessed the first but have only heard of the second…
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Until next time,

Salvatore Norge