Bitcoin Adoption

SALtoshi Whitepaper #95

Fellow humans,

Once the Bitcoin flood gates are fully opened, there will be no stopping the flow of money, innovation, and most importantly the transition from our current situation (fiat standard) to a Bitcoin Standard. There will be no way to close the gates. The one-way momentum will simply be too strong. One major question stands out to me at this time — what worldly force is strong enough to finish opening the gates?

My tiny newsletter has no chance to push us over the edge.

Before answering, think about the growth of the internet for comparison. Most of society did not take the internet seriously until the 21st century. Steve Jobs was building computer hardware in the 80s. Bill Gates was building computer software in the 90s. Mark Zuckerberg was building computer applications in the 00s. Revolutions happen in phases, and certainly take time to develop.

People were seriously skeptical during all three phases. Not surprising though. Most people come around eventually. How many senior citizens do we know who are currently using an iPhone, Microsoft, or Facebook? Let’s take a moment to realize and appreciate the fact that senior citizens lived a majority of their lives without having access to the internet.

My Grandfather was born in 1945, which means he was 62 years old when the iPhone was invented. He graduated from school, completed a contract in the U.S. Navy, married my Grandmother, raised children to become adults, his children became parents, and he was nearly retired from his long career as a flooring specialist before the iPhone ever became “the big new thing.” Now he has an iPhone, and yes, we FaceTime.

Technology evolves extremely quickly. Do you truly believe the adoption of Bitcoin will be much different?

Now to answer the question about what or who might finish opening the gates. I believe governments will have the final momentum. Not because bureaucrats deserve the power or influence, but because most citizens want that stamp of approval from their local officials. Makes sense, because we’ve been programmed to seek that stamp of approval before trying new things.

Citizen: “Vaccines typically take many years to develop, get that thing away from me!”

one year later…

Uncle Sam: “FDA says it’s safe now.”

Citizen: “I’ll take one.”

The whole point of Bitcoin is for people to have freedom and security with their money. I am nobody to tell anybody how to embrace/not embrace Bitcoin. Your money, your life. However, waiting for the government’s stamp of approval is not wise in my opinion. Here are a few reasons.

  1. Bitcoin’s profitable returns will diminish by the time Uncle Sam fully embraces peer-to-peer electronic cash. Profits are not everything, but profits matter.

  2. Do you trust our government’s agenda? We must ask why any government would embrace Bitcoin.

  3. We should start learning how to break ties with Big Brother. More independent thinkers, please.

One of my old “leaders” in the Army would always make excuses for everything. Instead of exploring how we could accomplish something, he would focus entirely on the obstacles. As a result, he was extremely ineffective, and got nothing done. Professionally, him and I did not get along.

Let’s stop waiting around for the “higher ups” to tell us everything will be ok. If I had not read Jump by Steve Harvey, I’m not sure if I would have joined the Army's AGR Program in 2017. If I had not joined the AGR program, I’m not sure if I would have learned about Bitcoin. If I had not learned about Bitcoin, I’m not sure if I would be writing to you today.

I’m telling you; from citizen to citizen, everything will be ok. The dollar is guaranteed to lose value. Gold has been stagnant, and the stock market is extremely manipulated by our government. Bitcoin is not guaranteed to increase in value, but at least there’s a chance. Regardless, the technology is sound. Take a leap of faith with me. Or not, your choice.

Until next time,

Salvatore Norge

P.S. — I’m starting to believe I was wrong about NFTs. Maybe the hype is justified. Only on Bitcoin though.