Anniversary Contest Predictions

SALtoshi Whitepaper #93

Fellow humans,

Time is a dynamic concept. Did you know our perception of time is based on our rotation around the sun? One orbit around the sun equals one year. One year on Mars is 687 days. Jesus said, “Yes, I am coming soon” in Revelation 22:20, and Christians have been waiting about 2,000 years or 730,000 days. Define soon.

The one year anniversary of SALtoshi Whitepaper is exactly 24 hours from now. Our newsletter has survived nearly one full orbit around the sun, and strived during an economic and political disaster. Let’s be optimistic for our future. Problems create opportunities. Never let a crisis go to waste.

Launching an email newsletter has been an honor. Writing to you, sharing my thoughts with you, and seeing over 100 people open my letters on a regular basis has been one of the most fulfilling hobbies of my life. I hope SALtoshi Whitepaper has served you well for the past year, and continues serving you for years to come.

If ever you want to provide feedback or discuss something, feel free to comment or reply.

I am a dysfunctional person; always have been, always will be. Why? Because I’m human. All of us are dysfunctional in some way or another. If somebody acts perfect, they’re lying to themselves and lying to the rest of the world. The key to becoming a high-functioning dysfunctional human is finding and consistently embracing healthy hobbies and habits.

Among other hobbies, writing has been very therapeutic for me. You probably don’t know; some letters which take you about three minutes to read, I’ve spent about three hours writing. Lord knows I would probably be doing something less productive for three hours if I were not writing. Becoming a writer keeps me productive and focused on my goals. Not perfect, but better than before.

I know I’m not in charge of you, so please don’t take offense to the following advice. If you don’t have any healthy hobbies; I encourage you to find one, and stick to the plan. Start small, and we will grow. Be consistent, and we will notice significant results over time. Work hard, and we will find success.

Name one person with true success who doesn’t work hard every day, I’ll wait…

On the topic of writing, my sister has recently launched a newsletter. She’s a fantastic writer, and her perspective is unique. I’m starting to think written communication can be used as a measure of intelligence and depth. Not that she’s dumb in conversation, but her writing reveals a different part of her which I’m unfamiliar with. Who knows, my family and friends might feel the same way about me.

Feel free to subscribe to her newsletter called Big Pond, which is written about “exploring the muddy shores to the cold deep trenches of life.” Trust me, you will learn something from her. Big Pond is free, and I believe she will publish a new post each Thursday. Click here to subscribe.

Now, on to the money!

The Anniversary Contest winner will be determined tomorrow, which means someone is about to win $1,000 in bitcoin. For those who did not participate; be patient, because I will probably have another contest in the future. Below you can see all 13 predictions. Number 1 is mine; which doesn’t count, and I was very far off anyway. Being too ₿ullish can be a problem sometimes. For the 12 humans who participated; thank you, I’m grateful. May the ₿est human win!

  1. $162,589.00

  2. $52,219.90

  3. $70,000.00

  4. $55,500.00

  5. $125,000.00

  6. $83,267.00

  7. $86,383.57

  8. $92,369.00

  9. $52,466.00

  10. $44,323.00

  11. $210,000.00

  12. $42,875.00

  13. $65,075.00

A majority of the predictions are above the current all-time high of $64,000. What does that tell you?

With bitcoin currently around $48,000 — seems like number 10 has the best chance of winning at this time. We shouldn’t hold our breath though. Bitcoin can easily move double-digit percentages in 24 hours. From Thursday to Friday, bitcoin rose from $43,000 to $48,500 or about 13 percent. The beauty of free markets and sound monetary policy.

Recently I wrote about China banning Bitcoin, and I’m sure many people are concerned about the United States following suit. Good news; no need for concern. Jerome Powell is the Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States. In other words, he’s the man in charge of the money. Check out the video clip below.

Seems like we’re in good hands and good company. For now. Ironic, because Bitcoin directly threatens the entire foundation of the banking system in the United States. One would imagine the U.S. regulators would want Bitcoin to go away, because a monetary system embedded with Bitcoin would disable our government’s capability of creating money at will.

However, I can imagine a time in the future when the U.S. government finds a productive way to integrate Bitcoin into the current monetary system, rather than fighting Bitcoin, which is exactly what China is doing. Let’s watch and witness how things play out for our friends overseas. In the meantime, you know what I’ll be doing.

Until next time,

Salvatore Norge